Tobi Jane Panter,AHg,R.Ac,RHN
Hummingbird Healing

Hello, and welcome.

I’m Tobi, and I practise vitalist-based natural health care in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. 

Some of my tools include: acupuncture, acupressure, nutritional & herbal counsel, mindful body-centred therapy, and energy work.  I will work with you to make genuine shifts in your health and in your quality of life.

My methods are effective, my approach integrated.  While healing comes from within, sometimes a catalyst is needed to help us along the path.  I am in service as your catalyst, supporting you to step into your healthiest, most integral self.

“Whatever is here expresses life’s wholeness and can be an invitation back to its Source.”

-Dorothy S. Hunt


The hummingbird is symbolic for most of the First Nations of the Americas.

‘The one who brings life’, ‘bird of the sun god’, sings of joy and lightness of being. Yet she is also a warrior, courageous and intense, capable of overcoming formidable obstacles. Hummingbird is known as the messenger between the worlds, carrying the shaman’s words to the Creator.